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Colorpoint Shorthair - Wikipedia adult blue lynx point siamese

Seal Lynx Point Siamese Cat (applehead) looks like our precious lil sneakers. .. Blue Lynx Point Siamese Siamese Kittens, Cats And Kittens, Seal Point.

Kitty Blue Eyes my kitty Myiya - so beautiful - special kitty Domestic Cat Breeds, .. Animal ID# 14-20868 Siamese Lynx Point • Adult • Male • Medium size.

in the adult stage. Adult Siamese, adult Balinese cats photos. Seal Lynx. Point Siamese. Seal Point. Balinese. Seal Lynx. Point Balinese. Chocolate Color .

They come in a rainbow variety, with cinnamon, caramel, apricot, cream, and red in addition to the four major point colors of seal, blue, choc, and lilac.

A lynx point siamese is a mix between a tabby and a siamese. They can range in color from lilac, lavender, blue, and flame point, with eyes ranging from pale.