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First cloned goat dies after 36 hours - BioNews adult clone takes 36 hours

The first goat to be cloned from an adult cell has died just 36 hours after being born, according to the Chinese state media.

Guardian Selects, curated by our editors, brings exceptional content Yet the egg has only hours to do the job, and some genes are improvements in cloning – wiping out barriers present in the adult .. 6:36.

Human cloning has always been frightening, seductive – and completely out of reach. obstacle to adult cloning: getting cells to revert to an embryonic state. .. "I am 36 years old," one of Wicker's female correspondents writes me. . From Montreal, it takes about an hour by highway and country roads to.

The first goat to be cloned using an adult cell died last week, shortly after being born. The goat, called Yuanyuan, was cloned by a team of.

It's hard to imagine how the result would be a functioning adult. . Human cells typically take 12-24 hours to divide, but other species can be.