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Cottonwood Dagger Moth – Wis(consin) Asp(en) Insect Communities adult dagger moth

The large adult American Dagger Moth may seem harmless, but its bristly, stinging caterpillar has a reputation for teaching small children not to.

Identification: The region's largest dagger moth, easily recognized by its large size and typical dagger moth pattern. Forewing usually has Adult Food: Habitat .

Acronicta americana, the American dagger moth, is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It was originally described by Thaddeus William Harris in 1841 and is native.

Species Acronicta americana - American Dagger Moth - Hodges#9200. Classification · Hodges Show images of: caterpillars · adults · both.

The adult stage is a moderately large (wingspan of about two inches) brown moth named after a dagger-like marking on the forewing.