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Answer 1 of 30: I know it's a strange question, but an older friend (75) is going to Orlando in the summer and asked me if you can by adult diapers (nappies) I.

I went to Disney World and wore almost 24/7 for 6days. bull on this one, considering that the first aid locations wouldn't carry adult diapers.

Hi there, I'm an incontinent adult (both bladder and bowel) who wears diapers at all times, so obviously will be in them while at Disney World.

Luckily, we've gotten the scoop on all things diaper at the Disney parks, and there are lots of options. Walt Disney World and Disneyland make the process.

On some websites I read the advise to diaper older children, even if whilst i didn't put him back into diapers at WDW I did put him in a "dry night" on in a diaper any more than an adult would be willing to p e e in a diaper.