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Open Kisekae: an open source art form. Luckykiss_xxx is a sampling of adult kiss dolls presented as online art. Kisekae ningyou paper doll sets migrated from.

Mysterious KiSS: Understanding Kisekae ~ KiSS Viewers ~ Reviews Archive ~ Otaku World ~ dA KiSS Placement Mature Content Unfinished and Beta Sets .

KiSS This (adult focus).:kiss: Kisekae Set System @ Wikipedia; Mysterious KiSS: Understanding Kisekae · KiSS KiSS SETS AND LINKS.

Kisekae Set System (commonly known as KiSS) is a blending of art with computers originally . a doll implies being able to undress as well there has always been a subgenre of 'adult' KiSS which exists independently of the main community.

"KiSS, the Kisekae Set system, is a fun and easy paper doll game for Alot of the sets are quite adult in nature and are what you would expect.