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Toronto TTC Fares - Public Transit Costs adult metropass price

Adult, Senior (65+) / Youth (13-19). Cash Single fare purchase, $3.25, $2.20. Tickets & Tokens, Tokens $3.10. Minimum 3 tokens for $9.30, Senior/youth ticket .

It provides unlimited travel on the TTC per month. TTC Monthly Downtown Express Pass: This pass costs $195.60 for adults, $166.90 for seniors/youths, $163.85.

Find out how much it will now cost you to ride the TTC and learn about Adult: $146.25 for a regular Metropass; Senior/Student: $116.75 for a.

Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi as well as overseas visitors. Unlimited travel with Tokyo Subway Ticket. 24-hour Ticket 48-hour Ticket 72-hour Ticket. Price.

A regular adult Metropass currently costs $146.25. that's about to launch is almost identical to the TTC's current Metropass Discount Plan.