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Adult Returners Key Skills. 2nd Chance to Learn, 1998 - 312 pages. 0 Reviews. The pack begins by offering students the opportunity to explore their feelings of.

Available now at - Adult Returners Key Skills NULL - Book Condition: Good - Author unknown. Publisher details unknown.Softback, ex- library.

As a Key Skills tutor, you may want to brush up on some of the skills you're site is aimed at adult returners, but contains some helpful advice on study skills and.

We want to be clear about the key milestones and the sequence of reform, so that everyone knows today at risk.3 We need young people and adults to have the skills and knowledge that better equip We want to support returners to work.

Raised their awareness concerning the unique nature of adult learning. • Reflected on the key aspects of effective learning. • Developed a method of reading.