Upgrading to an Extra License - amateur radio advanced class license


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Amateur radio licenses in the United States are issued and renewed The top US license class is Amateur Extra Class.

General licensees may upgrade to Extra Class by passing a 50-question 2020; Practice for your exam with ARRL's online Exam Review for Ham Radio ARRL can help you find an Amateur Licensing Class closest to you Learn More.

Operator class license classes are: Current: Technician. Amateur Radio Service. FCC Form 605 Current: Technician; General; Amateur Extra. Grandfathered Operator Classes: Novice; Technician Plus; Advanced.

As of April 15, 2000, there are three classes of amateur radio licenses also two other grandfathered license classes (Novice and Advanced) that are no longer.

Three types of licenses for ham radio operators are being granted today: Amateur Extra, All amateur privileges, Small exclusive sub-bands are added Nearly every ham starts with a Technician class license, also known as a Tech license.