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Jan 27, 2012 This might possibly turn into a rant, so please bear with me.:) I'm an only child. My parents were very overprotective of me as I grew up, and it.

Sep 6, 2019 Emotionally needy parents may put stresses on you that can compound . If you' re an adult, make it clear that you don't want to micromanaged.

Feb 22, 2017 If you feel tension because your mom is too controlling or if she . rarely feel that your mom is controlling if you are an independent adult.

Jul 5, 2018 In some cases, however, a mother's relationship with an adult son or daughter becomes stunted. They each get stuck in their old roles, and.

Dec 13, 2017 When mom won't let go of her adult daughter and looks to her for If a mother is troubled and clingy and her daughter has taken on the role of.