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History books credit Allen E. Gant with creating pantyhose — or “Panti-legs” — in 1959. The idea came to him while on an overnight train to.

But “Gossamer,” an exhibition opening on Saturday at Carl Freedman Gallery in Margate, a seaside town about 75 miles from London, shows that nylon pantyhose and garter-held stockings can be a rich source for artists. “Gossamer” brings together work by 22 artists — including.

How are Pantyhose Manufactured? From Season 1, Episode 2 of How It's Made.

While some flight attendants and all Hooters waitresses are still required to wear flesh-toned pantyhose as part of their uniforms, almost every.

Sheer pantyhose were created to give color to pale legs. They are meant to be hidden inside closed toe shoes. Wearing these tights with.