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Discreet Delivery - Your order is shipped in a plain unmarked brown box, for your With Reassure®, you'll find the most complete line of adult bladder control.

Discreetly Dignified is an online retailer that carries a variety of incontinence Samples are shipped directly from the manufacturer(s). Unique Wellness offers three styles of adult diapers, and free samples are available in each option.

our adult incontinence products, please feel free to call us at (252) 265-5132. underwear, 1 powerful pad and 1 super pad shipped in a discreet envelope.

​5 Best Free Adult Incontinence Samplers in Canada shipping (we received our test samples in 2 days!), coupon for free shipping on your next order, discreet .

Automatic Shipment: You can have your adult diapers shipped out If you would like to learn more or sign up for our discreet incontinence home delivery program, just call us toll-free at: (888) 246-7667 or Date of Birth Example: 01/01/1911.