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15 Fun Onboard Activities Just For the Adults | Carnival Cruise Line fun adult cruises

For travelers who want a hassle-free vacation, an adults-only all-inclusive cruise is the holy grail. No kids taking over the hot tub or whining at dinner, and no.

Romance and cruising would seem to go hand in hand, particularly if you've spotted any of the cruise lines' advertisements showing photos of couples.

When it comes to partying on the high seas, one might instantly imagine an adult booze cruise, but there's so much more fun to be had beyond.

Let's start with arguably the best cruise line for young adults in the world, Carnival's “fun ships” are all about entertainment, nightlife and.

Travel experts share the most exciting cruise ships and hot cruise Caribbean International makes sailing a fun-for-everyone kind of time. Now . off-the-beaten -path destinations for solo, girlfriends, couples and family travel.