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hi! are puppy coats generally thicker? my pup has very silky coat on his face but has a thicker straight coat on his body. my breeder said that his.

Click here to visit the most complete Maltese site on the WWW The puppy coat that remains is a bit unruly, I definitely prefer the adult coat! I used Loreal Colorvive conditioner for damaged or colored treated hair and I think I'm on to.

For pet Maltese, it is normal to be at the high end of the weight range, or even a There can be a big change in appearance from puppy to adult, if the coat is.

Maltese losing hair, proper grooming for healthy hair, spotted fur loss, irritated skin, itching and scratching, skin Every product that you use on your Maltese's coat will either be beneficial or detrimental. . Maltese Dog, adult, outside on grass.

Your puppy's coat may look a little ruffled, patchy, or shaggy as his adult coat comes in. This is normal, and grooming will keep his coat healthy.