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We'll explain why some people develop a hairy butt and how to remove by rising levels of androgens (male hormones such as testosterone).

The rise of anal play and pegging has led to an interesting side effect: men waxing, shaving, and even bleaching their butts.

Is it normal as a male to have hairy buttocks (both the crack and cheeks)? So if you're concerned about hair in your butt crack Alex, just tell whoever is being.

Everything You Need to Know About Grooming Your Ass Which is why many men opt for waxing their backsides. Quick and effective, a quick.

Not really. I think most of the guys I've slept with had hairy butts. level 1. ♀. ciestaconquistador. 12 points · 4 years ago. I don't give any shits. Seriously. level 2.