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rcw 9a 44 20 hearing victim sexual history

Effective date -- 2007 c 20: See note following RCW 9A.44.050. (2) Evidence of the victim's past sexual behavior including but not limited to the victim's hearing shall be closed except to the necessary witnesses, the defendant, counsel.

Washington's rape shield law is codified as RCW 9A.44.020 and addresses the Evidence of a victim's past sexual behavior is not admissible to (b) the court finds the offer of proof to be sufficient for a hearing outside the presence . 20 State v. Gregory, 158 Wn.2d at 787. 21 113 Wn.2d 631, 643-44, 781 P.2d 483 ( 1989).

procedure at sentencing hearing 1 Lucy Berliner, “Sex Offender Sentencing Options: Views of Child Victims and Their http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default. aspx?cite=9A.44 rape in the first or second degree (RCW 9A.44.040 and RCW 9A.44.050) . scored foreign criminal history results in a presumptive sentence.

A person is not guilty of RAPE or INDECENT LIBERTIES if the sexual intercourse or . Under RCW 9A.44.030(1), a defendant is not guilty of second degree rape if the .. On the issue of consent, it made the victim's sexual history inadmissible Under current RCW 9A.44.020(3)(a) and (b), a defendant offering evidence of.

The law has several provisions to support the victims of domestic violence. No- Contact Orders – RCW 10.99 · Evidence Rules in Protection Order hearings – ER 1101 Sex Offenses – RCW 9A.44 · Communications with a Minor for Immoral RCW 7.69A.030 · Crime Victims Compensation – RCW 7.68, WAC 296-20-220.