- regulating adult entertainment in massachusetts nightclubs


regulating adult entertainment in massachusetts nightclubs

Oct 14, 2014 A strip club in Massachusetts can operate with fewer restrictions thanks to a an existing 700-car drive-in movie theater and a 10,000-square-foot nightclub. In order to have laws regulate "secondary effects" like in Renton.

Oct 13, 2014 Finds Limits on Strip Clubs in Mass. Mendon, Massachusetts "has set forth a veritable maze of zoning restrictions" designed, essentially traffic congestion," the court concluded that the regulation was fatally underinclusive.

Regulatory Standards and Procedures for Granting,. Denying, Suspending or Security Staff at Nightclubs and Bars in the City of Boston .20. C. Directive of . F. ADULT ENTERTAINMENT. 1a. .. Massachusetts General Laws. 16.

Oct 9, 2014 Courts have upheld a slew of restrictions on strip clubs based on their possible The First Circuit asked the state high court, the Massachusetts said Mendon had tried to "over regulate adult entertainment out of existence.".

Feb 11, 2008 Caught once before without a designated adult entertainment area, and at a local establishment while lacking a zone to regulate its location. Three partners who are leasing The Regatta at Battleship Cove nightclub and restaurant business, which sits in the shadow of the Battleship Massachusetts.