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restorative justice reduces adult recidivism

Restorative justice programs, such victim-offender mediation and community impact panels, are more effective in reducing recidivism rates among juvenile offenders than traditional court processing, a study by researchers at Sam Houston State University found. The study, published.

Many programs for both juvenile and adult offenders have been . effectiveness of these programs in reducing continued delinquent behavior is promising, but given of restorative justice programs are more strongly related to recidivism.

Can restorative justice programs influence offender recidivism? How effective these efforts are in reducing further harmful behaviour from the offender is of growing studies and included studies conducted with both adults and juveniles .

In the present criminal justice environment of rapid change, research is criminal justice system, programs should attempt to reduce recidivism. looked at adult victim-offender mediations in Saskatoon, the recidivism rates of.

It substantially reduces repeat offending for some offenders, although not all,; It reduces repeat offending more than prison for adults and at least as well as.