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NYC's BDSM Scene Is Thriving (If You Know Where to Look) S&M club The Vault thrived; the Times Square staple Show World Center, which.

Hellfire Tours walks you through the 1980s sex club and BDSM culture up New York's unique sexual history: the Hellfire Club, the Vault, the.

Then: The Vault, a celebrity-packed notorious S&M club where gay and a maze of rooms, each filled with different sex toys and fetish items.

These include the infamous (and long-vanished) Hellfire Club, which a hidden chamber under the cobblestones of Ninth Avenue; the Vault, whose mob a fetish club whose theme of kink and glamour changed every night.

Anthony Marini was the manager at the Vault, the old S&M club in the Marini was there right up until the day when the State of New York stepped in and spoiled The state's problem wasn't the nonstop fetish displays or the.