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Most adult learners have numerous responsibilities and commitments to family, friends, community and work. Carving out time for learning affects adult learners.

A student's life is busy and managing study, part time work and personal life can be hard. Here are few tips for students to balance study, work.

That's why, for adult learners, elearning is a great solution. We work, we play, we have family activities, commitments, watch the kids play.

8 items affecting students' acceptance and commitment with e-learning based on responses from 120 . Wang (2003) conducted a study by analyzing adult respondents and found that . Reason being only executives working at managerial level .. Cross, J. (2004b), “The future of eLearning”, On the Horizon, 12, pp. 150-.

We've listed the best online colleges for working adults that offer For others, life may simply get in the way due to commitments outside of their .. However, eLearning can be even more difficult, as many individuals juggle.