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It's usually with great pride that I take note of similarities between myself and dogs. If I greet someone with genuine enthusiasm or consider how well I am living.

You can do what you like hun its your dog. Though I want to share this with you. If you saw a human licking their bowl would you associate that with hunger?.

Having different breeds of dogs in my home, I have observed this. Just recently two of mine will lick their bowls after the food is gone or go.

So is this 'letting the dog lick the dishes'trend simply barbaric and disgusting, nothing Most dogs will lick a dish so clean that it looks like it came straight from the dishwasher, right? . They should from their bowls not the plates from the table.

Q: One of my dogs goes around licking the other dogs' empty bowls for several minutes after eating. He also likes to lick one of our area rugs.