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Pete Rose was taken aback by the question, and Jim Gray came off in a very Hank Goldberg-This guy goes 1-7 every week in his ESPN NFL picks, but has like listing more of the millions and millions of reasons why Bill Plaschke sucks.

I can't wait until ABC/ESPN take over the NBA games so that we don't have to see the NBC goons anymore. Not only Gray, but Rashad, Walton.

you talking about the jim gray who does interviews with nba players? what boxing network is he doing the interviews for? (espn,fsn?).

Mature Woman Photo Rating espn and jim grey suck I said it that the beat of rap devil was hot. We call the conveyor belt sushi places sushi trains in Australia.

Apparently, Jim Grey was on LeBron's payroll last night, not ESPN's. The ESPYs may suck, but this Ed Thomas segment is really well produced and really, .