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Sex and the Single Girl is a 1962 non-fiction book by American writer Helen Gurley Brown, written as an advice book that encouraged women to become.

Sex and the Single Girl [Helen Gurley Brown] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Practical suggestions how to be irresistible, confident.

Start by marking “Sex and The Single Girl” as Want to Read: Provides single women with advice on such topics as dealing with men, sex, career success, becoming sexy, making money, and staying healthy. Helen Gurley Brown, is an author, publisher, and businesswoman.

Don't avoid Don Juans. It's OK to cozy up with a married man. Lizzie Crocker on Helen Gurley Brown's seminal book for single women.

Before she started her Cosmopolitan magazine there was her bestselling book, Sex and the Single Girl. Published in 1962, it sold 2 million.