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The Teacher (1973) - Classic Erotic Thriller Coming of age erotic thriller - An attractive High School teacher seduces one of her students during.

Per the Daily Mail, an educator from West Yorkshire, UK (the town of Mytholmroyd*) wrote a book of erotic fiction featuring her students. The genesis of the book was an earnest desire to get her students to read more (you should read more) and took suggestions regarding the.

He was the high school english teacher I hopelessly crushed on, and I The Haunting of Hill House, was one of the most oddly erotic of my life.

Professor's office hours include bareback teenage sex. Boring party? Find a new one. Masks! Music! Dancing! Bikers! and other exciting erotic at Literotica.com!.

He went from a patient teacher to something I couldn't quite describe, except to say I felt small and vulnerable in a heartbeat. I didn't know anyone else at the.