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The Bigfoot-Giganto Theory asian wood ape

Research into the animal commonly referred to as "bigfoot" across North America .

There are apparently credible accounts of wood apes being hit by vehicles, and Fossil remains of Asian species, such as the red panda (Pristinailurus bristoli), .

Aug 24, 2013 In the case of North American apes, the answer is either one or more species of Asian apes or the mythology of their interactions with humans.

Nov 6, 1993 ancestors of the orang-utan, the only great ape living in Asia today. Between about 13 and 9 million years ago, the woods and forests of.

Gigantopithecus (the Latin word for "Giant Ape") was a giant cousin of the but rather some other offshoot of the giant Asian "wood ape" line, perhaps a line for.