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Police records show a 28.4% rise in reported “sexual assault with penetration” in the first three months of the year. During that time, the police.

Experiencing any form of domestic or sexual violence can have both short and An individual is believed to be actively suicidal or homicidal; We suspect a child, support those impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and child.

If you find out or suspect that your child has been sexually abused by a family member, from your local sexual assault service provider who is trained to help.

How to help keep children safe from child sexual abuse. take to help keep a child safe from abuse and to protect a child if you suspect they've been abused.

Support services for adult survivors of any type of childhood abuse and neglect are available but However, knowledge about the impact of child abuse later in life and about trauma-informed NSPCC – What to do if you suspect child abuse .