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Boofing Marijuana: It's a Thing, but Not Why You Think | Westword smoke weed with your ass

When you smoke weed, the high temperatures help THC to be released which in turn gets you high. Your body temperature simply isn't warm enough for that.

yo blades. ive been trying to get super smack recently so ive been trying to smoke weed through my ass. what would be the best way of going.

I tried stretching my ass out some but it wouldn't stay open and the smoke just blew everywhere and putting my pipe in my ass while lit was pretty uncomfortable .

Shoving drugs like ketamine or alcohol up your ass (known as “boofing” among scholarly wooks and “butt chugging” in the frat crowd) takes.

As Canada moves closer to legalizing weed—with new regulations expected to come this summer—some doctors are questioning the way we.