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Only One Breast Works When Breastfeeding? Here's Why | BellyBelly feeding from one breast

There are different ways to breastfeed. Many moms switch sides and nurse on both breasts at every feeding. But some mothers (or some babies) choose to.

Many mothers notice that one breast makes more milk than the other and/or that her baby prefers one breast to the other (although will drink from both). This is.

Sometimes babies, especially newborns, might have certain preference towards feeding from one breast. Read 6 reasons for breastfeeding.

When baby prefers one side, or when supply or breast size is greater on one side This is not usually a problem in terms of the breastfeeding.

What position is best for feeding from both sides? Will I look lopsided if I feed from one breast? Why is my baby suddenly rejecting one breast? SLIDESHOW.