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Where can I find a mod that allows sims to breastfeed? Also are Real sims 2 babies do not have the animations to be held in that position.

This mod is a plugin for existing mods that enable breastfeeding. You must have one of these mods (Squinge's found here, BoilingOil's found.

I've been testing this particular mod for over a month to get consistent results. I was under the impression that the time spent breastfeeding a.

This is my own improved version of Squinge's mod Nurse Babies, 2. Non-Auto: Same as above, but includes a fix to suppress autonomous breast-feeding, but no more often than bottle-feeding The no-swarming mods change a global Fridge-BHAV to make sure that not all sims haul bottles at once.

Rocking Chair interactions no longer require The Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion This is a pure script mod which adds a breastfeeding interaction to the game. Baby/toddler will receive a custom moodlet that lasts 2 hours: Peaceful Baby.