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by mouth. Learn more about chemo for breast cancer. For example, with some drugs, the chemo is given only on the first day of the cycle.

Abstract. Twenty-five patients with advanced metastatic breast cancer were treated with the combination of methotrexate 60 mg/M2 and 5-fluorouracil 700 mg /M2.

Isr J Med Sci. 1977 Jun;13(6):582-6. Cyclic combination chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer. Biran S, Krasnokuki D, Hochman A, Brufman G. Forty- four.

Chemotherapy is given after surgery for primary breast cancer to reduce the risk of The treatment and period of time before the next one starts is called a cycle.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer also carries a risk of side effects . The cycle for chemotherapy can vary from once a week to once every three.