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USING THE REPEATER AUTOPATCH AND AUTO-DIALER amateur repeater autopatch procedure

AUTOPATCH PROCEDURES For example, you could say "This is N6XYZ, autopatch." "Amateur radio, I'd like to report a traffic signal on flash." • "Amateur .

You can't use Amateur Radio for your business, including autopatch. correct and what's not (operating procedure is a matter of strong opinion in Ham Radio!).

however members may extend the courtesy of use to amateurs You should inform the party they are on a radio auto-Patch. 4. The procedure for the Speed Dialing the Auto-Patch is the same procedure as for the manual Auto-Patch except.

One important feature of ham radio repeaters is called autopatch, which allows a repeater user to make a telephone call through the repeater. When you access.

What are the rules when using an auto patch to dial 9/11? The rules may vary a bit; procedure is basically: -"KC4JGC to When the operator answers, identify yourself and say that you're calling via amateur radio. What I.