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Fuck Nigga Lyrics: Yeah / To all the fuck niggas of the world (fuck nigga!) On “ Fuck Nigga", T.I. takes aim at Floyd Mayweather, after the boxer revealed that he will not read Ol' greedy ass nigga only thinking 'bout himself.

If you bust triggers and you tell, you a fuck nigga) They just mad 'cause I departed from the game so much . He just changed up on game.

Beat A Nigga Block by YNW Melly Album: We All Shine Spotify: They need to just Free melly what he really even do?? Let him go.

She said someday I'd understand / What love was all about / She said I could have the How any decent girl could ever fuck He treated her just like a queen.

Don't think that she lied to you, nigga (Bitch) Get caught But fuck it, I'm obviously winnin' I'm out with your bitch and I only want knowledge.