Society's expectations of bisexuality and disabilities isn't stopping this model - bisexual disabled people


Bisexual women are more likely to face abuse – and no one is asking why | The Independent bisexual disabled people

Objectives. We used population-based data to comprehensively examine disability among lesbian, gay, and bisexual adults. Methods. We estimated prevalence.

I've been out as bisexual for the past 27 years. My first pride came in 1995. I experienced racism and dismissal from white LGBT+ attendees.

Bi and pansexual people are often called the 'invisible minority' within BAME or disabled people, face even higher rates of sexual violence.

"You're way too hot to be disabled," one man told him. Charlie Willis spoke to BuzzFeed News about being bisexual and having cerebral.

Bisexual, quadruplet, disabled. Charley Piper has been labelled all her life and, like many 20-somethings is searching for love, which led her to.