Rachel Johnson asks India Willoughby if she can see her boobs | Daily Mail Online - rachel big brother boobs


Big Brother - Rachel's Boobs are Gummy Bears rachel big brother boobs

8:30pm July 11th Living Room Matt, Brit, Enzo, and Annie talking about chests. Big Brother 12 Spoilers Rachel telling them all about the serial.

Big Brother 12 Spoilers - Rachel's boobs are still being discussed and Lane/ Hayden didn't come from monkeys.

Britney: Are you getting your period? Rachel: No, my breast implants. They feel really hard. Britney: Well, call the Gummy Bear reasearch center.

THE newsreader proudly showed off her breasts after stripping off to her bikini. Rachel Johnson and Amanda Barrie were very impressed and.

Rachel tells her fellow housemates that her fake breasts are part of a 20-year study. More From Big Brother USA · image Big Brother's future.