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BEING GAY IN THE 80'S — PAINT what is like to be gay

you're attracted to someone of the same sex; you've had a same-sex sexual experience; you want to know what it means to be gay. Lesbian couple hugging.

I looked like the other guys but I was different, I was gay, I stood out to them and they hated me. The overwhelming feeling of shame went so deep into my soul.

Many people, including sex researchers and scientists, believe that sexual orientation is like a scale with entirely gay on one end and entirely straight on the .

What causes people to be gay or same-sex attracted? Comments like “He has his father's temper,” or, “The Smith family has a long history of alcohol problems.

There is a problem with being-gay-and-dating when most of my friends are I'm not only a separatist from commercialized gay culture, I also don't want to be a.