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Anal warts: Symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment anal wards

Anal warts are small warts that can occur inside and around the anus. The condition is also called condyloma acuminata. Anal warts are a form.

Anal warts (also called "condyloma acuminata") are a condition that affects the area around and inside the anus. They may also affect the skin of the genital area .

Anal warts (condyloma acuminata) are caused by the human papilloma virus ( HPV), the most common sexually transmitted disease (STD). The warts affect the .

Anal warts develop due to the human papillomavirus. They can cause itching, bleeding, and other symptoms. Treatment may involve topical.

Michael offers his perspective on what it's like to have anal warts as someone who loves to bottom, and the importance of finding.