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What Do Men Really Think About Vibrators? 11 Guys Talk About How They Feel When Women Use Sex Toys girls using vibrators on guys

my sexual partners. During sex, I often need to use a vibrator to On one hand, some men melt at the idea of a girl playing with a vibrator.

Are there any guys out there who find, or would find it arousing to watch their girlfriend using a vibrator/to use a vibrator on their girlfriend? I only ask because I .

As far as I know, the majority of men are more than cool with this. The ones that It feels way better with a sex toy than actual sex with a guy or a girl? Are men offended if asked to use a vibrator on their women? Or is it a.

Sometimes when we talk about vibrators on Smitten, readers worry their partners might be Anything Can Happen When You Ask Guys About Their Sex Life in Public "I like using a vibrator while going down on her. It's also.

But whatever men think, women don't use vibrators to substitute for intercourse with men; many women actually want to use them with their.