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Glory Holes | Wet Dog Glass buners for glory holes

Wilton Technology Ceramic Furnace and Glory Hole Burner Nozzles. Paul V. Wilton, patent pending. 1 800-928-7637.

Giberson Burners – One of the most popular and durable burners for Furnaces and Glory Holes. They run on a High Pressure Gas Venturi System or a Low.

Use 1 small burner for glory holes 12” dia. or smaller, use 2 small burners for glory holes 15” to 18”, use 2 large burners for glory holes 21” to 24”, and four large.

Good examples would be glory holes for glassblowing and forges for metalworking. These burners are not designed to operate at low settings like those.

ELECTRICITY VS GAS - For a furnace or glory hole for glassblowing, a burner is normally used as it is much usually more economical (when.