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At-Home Insemination for a Lesbian Couple. Disclaimer: This page is not intended to serve as medical advice and does not take the place of consulting with a.

Home insemination is increasingly used by single women and lesbian couples to conceive using donor sperm. It is also helpful for heterosexual couples wanting.

In May 2015, from their home in Bellevue, Washington, Rachel and Erin Alder* tried donor insemination for the first time. “It was surreal,” Erin.

As a single lesbian mom by choice, I used a known donor to conceive. My donor did his thing in the bathroom of my home, after which I was left to my own You can also opt to insert it moments before you inseminate.

Insemination at home is very popular amongst LGBT people wishing to have a baby. Here's our lowdown on home insemination for lesbian couples.