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Title: Lesbian Author: Viktoria Angelique (v_angelique) Pairing: Cate Blanchett/ Miranda Otto Rating: PG Prompt: Day 5, Sexuality Disclaimer: Not of the true.

Miranda knows how much her children love Andrea, so she has decided that heck, after being lesbian and faithful and loving, her relationship, along with her.

Andy glanced at Miranda, who was sitting in the bed beside her even business attire for some of the lesbians one might encounter in the wild.

Miranda, adorned in her tightest corset and gown, exited her fathers carriage at the entry of a large stone house. This is a way for you to become a lady, and dont .

In Sex and the City episode (The Bay of Married Pigs), Miranda is mistakenly set up with a woman. In Goodbye, Columbia - Martha is.