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Melissa Warburton was one of Rachel Green's sorority sisters in college. Melissa nicknamed Rachel Ray-ray Green. Rachel Green (lesbian crush; kissed).

Combined with her ability to light up historical pictures (My Cousin Rachel) and her avant-garde credibility, Weisz's lesbian turn has elevated.

Rachel's college friend can't remember a scandalous kiss from the past; Chandler and Ross argue for possession of Val Kilmer's tuxedo. Title: The One with Rachel's Big Kiss (26 Apr 2001) Melissa Warburton: Phoebe, were you ever in a sorority?.

'You have to be disobedient in order to find the truth about yourself' Rachel Weisz tells Grazia over the phone from New York. And right now, cinema is.

Rachel McAdams and Rachel Weisz star in this trailer for upcoming romance Disobedience. A woman returns to her Orthodox Jewish home.