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Pissing Figures (1280-2014) is a complete analysis of peeing art and it sheds light on the symbolism behind urine. In some paintings of the sixteenth-century, we see quite a few Cupids urinating. As Lebensztejn explains, in Lorenzo Lotto’s Venus and Cupid (1520s) we see Venus.

People may avert their eyes or cast scornful glares, but urinating statues are a different story. Public art that pees more often becomes a quirky, beloved addition .

Peeing outdoors is as simple as finding a secluded spot and popping a squat, right? Theoretically, sure—but in reality, everything from uneven.

European art featured peeing boys, men, and women since the 1200s. 'Pissing Figures' like the peeing statues in Brussels have been an art theme for centuries.

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