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What do strippers do about their periods? This. This is what they do. tampon string bikini

Having your period during the summer months can make you a particular kind of crazy—bathing suits! Cramps are never fun, but they're super-extra-unfun when you're at the beach and supposed to be laughing and splashing around. But not everyone feels super-secure that the telltale.

As if periods aren't bad enough as is, now you have to wear a bikini. that your tampon string is going to flop out of your bikini bottom like.

The only thing that could happen is that the tampon string could dangle out or even showing your bikini bottom (the pantyliner may be visible.).

MY TAMPON STRING HAS HUNG OUT MY BIKINI AT THE BEACH MORE I wanna go to the beach and enjoy myself but miss tampon down.

First time I attempted to put in a tampon was the last day of vacation a 5. i was just awkwardly sitting on the toilet with a string hanging out of.