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So my dad and I did a reseal on the transfer case, put it back and, seal and everything, and we start refilling it with the fluids. We put in the.

I just bought a 2013 Wrangler 6 Speed and I was crawling around under the transmission meets the engine there are two holes that I can see.

You will know this is the seal to replace because there is a small hole in the transmission housing on the bottom where it bolts to the transfer.

Hi All, My transmission on my 2004 TJ 5 speed leaks like a sieve. It looks like I have a leak at the front and one at the rear. I was searching the.

Manual Transmission. Jeep Wrangler/YJ 1987-1995 Repair Guide When you remove the filler plug, lubricant should run out of the hole. Replace the plug Remove the drain plug which is at the bottom of the transmission. Allow all the.