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The streaker at President Obama's Philadelphia rally did it for a $1m bet, notoriety in the UK was Erica Roe, who ran topless at Twickenham.

Since 1993, Roberts has streaked 449 events in 13 countries, including three British Opens and a Ryder Cup. Nearing retirement, the.

This is the streaker who performed his naked stunt in front of President Barack Obama in a bid to win $1million from a British-educated.

Imagine streaking stark naked in front of a crowd of strangers. But why Naked Ambition It wasn't long before the trend caught on in Britain with streakers graduating to the 'fun streak' at sporting events and student parties.

WHEN Wati Holmwood wobbled his naked way across ANZ Stadium in the dying minutes of the State of Origin decider, he was continuing a.