7 Best High Fiber Dog Foods to Prevent Anal Gland Issues - dog anal glands food


6 Natural Ways to Ease Your Dog's Anal Sac Distress dog anal glands food

If you've ever wondered why dogs seem to love sniffing each other's behinds, it is because of their anal glands. Every dog has two small scent.

And, if your pooch suffers from bowel problems, you should try to look for the best high-fiber dog food for anal gland problems available.

What is the function of your dog's anal glands and why do they smell? in anal gland problems is that commercially processed foods and even some raw foods.

Soft faeces is the cause of a dog's anal glands issues. It is most likely the dog is dry fed (as he has anal gland issues) as pelleted dry food increases the water.

Top 7 best high fiber dog foods for dog's suffering from anal gland problems. How changing your dog to a high fiber diet can eliminate anal.