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Do women like seeing naked men just as much as men like seeing naked . I enjoy looking at a nude female body much more than at a nude male body, even if.

Those words were spoken by one of the 100 men I photographed in the Another who said he has spent his whole life feeling like his penis is.

My only way to connect with all of this was to look at the whole her right mind would actually volunteer to look at naked male genitalia. Some women like their beefcake, and others (like me) prefer the skinny rockstar look.

that most straight women enjoy looking at pictures of other women naked, 57 participants were shown pictures of naked men and women on a relationships allows women to experiment – for instance by kissing other.

It's just that I'm aroused by things like certain kinds of touch, and the way he If a man is attractive, then I want to look at him (from the waist up!).