Naked Eva Mendes advert banned by US networks - Telegraph - eva mendes nude calvin klein commercial


Eva Mendes Calvin Klein ad censored by US broadcasters eva mendes nude calvin klein commercial

It's such a sexy commercial of Calvin Klein! Eva Mendes shows her private part here! Check it out!.

Eva Mendes Naked In Banned Calvin Klein Ad (VIDEO) bosses have banned this advert featuring EVA MENDES for being TOO sexy.

The ad's creative director, Fabien Baron, doesn't understand why adding that if kids can watch people get killed, a little naked Mendes certainly won't hurt. Related: Eva Mendes's New Calvin Klein Commercial Makes TV.

Calvin Klein is back in the limelight over a controversial ad. Here's an excerpt from Monday's article in Women's Wear Daily. Calvin Klein.

Actress Eva Mendes has shocked Americans by flashing her breast in an television advert for Calvin Klein, leading US networks to ban the clip.