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Shirley Temple 1928 – 2014 | The Spank Statement shirley temple getting spanked

Shirley Temple became famous in 1930's depression-era America as .. after trampling a flowerbed and spoiling her dress, being spanked by.

Here's an anecdote about Carole having to spank Shirley in a scene (it wound up being removed from the script, but Temple insisted it be.

That year, at the age of 8, Shirley Temple was the most lionized little girl in the . One of the few spankings she remembers followed a barbecue given by “I wanted to be the first girl in my class to get married,” she says.

Shirley Temple disclosed in her autobiography that this was the only film she in which she received an onscreen spanking, much to the chagrin of June Lang a result of the audience seeing the popular Shirley being treated in this fashion. Shirley Temple, who women being subjugated with spankings but her publishers weren't.