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R-108-C Thumb Screw for COLUMBIA Floating Reproducer · L-205 Zonophone Booklet: "The Zon-O-Phone is the Best Talking Ma · L-169 Columbia Q and QQ.

R-108-C Thumb Screw for COLUMBIA Floating Reproducer L-122 Booklet: Edison OPERA P-151b EDISON reproducer/carriage locking thumb screw.

Looking for an original thumbscrew that locks the reproducer in place for an Edison Opera/Concert. Top. Profile. JerryVan. Post subject: Re: WANTED: OPERA.

I would like to buy the adjustable stop rod and the thumbscrew for the Opera When I bought my Opera years ago, it was equipped with a very.

Edison Cylinder Record Type complete rebuilding. Service includes Used on Amberola, Opera, and other 4 minute phonographs. $38.95 ea.