Baby flutters: How do they feel? - quick movements in bottom of stomach


Second Trimester | St. Mary's Regional Medical Center quick movements in bottom of stomach

If you have PCOS, like me, symptoms are similar to that of pregnancy (learned that a few weeks ago). Other than that, it could be gas build up, bowel movements.

those first feelings of movement from your baby are not only a huge relief to most pregnant "It felt really light and subtle and fast, almost like an eye twitch. "I felt a sort of paintbrush feeling go across the my abdomen.

Some women say it feels like a flutter in their lower abdomen or butterflies in their stomach. women who are very thin may feel their baby's first movement earlier than 18 weeks into their pregnancy. The rapid growth of your baby continues.

Baby flutters are the initial movements of the developing fetus that a pregnant They may be slightly higher or slightly lower in different women. people who touch the woman's stomach will be able to feel the movements.

Here we look at your baby's movement in the womb during pregnancy Breech babies with their feet below their bottom will kick at the bottom of the bump. them to explain what they can feel with their hands when they examine your belly - it.